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Phra Gru Dongtan Phim Song Seua (Metta) LP Phad item#3 MOST RARE

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  • Created/Blessed by: LP Phad (Wat Dongtan)

This old votive tablet amulet is called in Thai "Phra Gru Dongtan Phim Song Seua" (phra gru means underground hiding place amulet, Dongtan is the name of the gru, phim means mold/pattern, song seua means sit on a tiger).

This amulet was discovered from the plaster base of principle Buddha image in the chapel of Wat Dongtan Temple, formal name Wat Samakkheetham Temple, an old temple located in Tambon Hua Samrong, Amphoe Tha Wung, Lopburi Province, Thailand. Luang Por Phad (phāt), the late abbot of the temple who was both a religious companion and also disciple of Luang Por Parn Sonuntho of Wat Bang Nomkho Temple, Amphoe Sena, Phra Nakhon Sri Ayutthaya Province, had asked Luang Por Parn to help in creating Phra Khreuang (small Buddha image used as amulet) for covering inside the chapel as the custom since the olden days.

The creating period of this Phra Gru Dongtan was around B.E.2460 (A.D.1917). After the creating of Phra Gru Dong Tan was finished, the amulets were placed under the plaster base of the principle Buddha image of the temple in B.E.2474 (A.D.1931).

This votive tablet amulet Phra Gru Dongtan Phim Song Seua is made of baked clay in the design of Buddha sitting on a tiger. The amulet was reamed on the top and filled in with Phong Phutthakhun of LP Parn (powder of writing auspicious sacred Phuttakhun, virtues of Buddha incantation on a slate then erase and collect the powder repeatedly). This Phong Phutthakhun was made by collecting sacred powder of writing and erasing "Katha Yant Krǿ Petch" on the slate again and again and simultaneously recited incantations while writing the sacred talisman letters. Mixed with another sacred powder as ingredients i.e. Phong Itthi Je (itthi jē), Phong Pathamang and Phong Maharaj, with 300 pieces of old amulets fragments powder from the old chedi at the temple.

This Phra Gru Dongtan is one of the sacred amulets which worth for collection and to rely on Phutthakhun (miraculous faculty of amulet power). Because the process of creating was done as old traditional formula, amulets mixture and sacred ingredients, together with the blessing ceremony and incantations which filled in the amulets was held by the respectable expert guru monks, Luang Por Parn of Wat Bangnomkho Temple. Besides the sacred power of 69 years past were accumulated by several incantation activities which were held by monks in that chapel.

For this reason, Phra Gru Dongtan amulets can be a substitute of amulets crated and consecrated by Luang Por Parn of Wat Bangnomkho Temple and Luang Pu Sook of Wat Pakkhlongmakhamthao Temple with no doubt. Because Luang Por Parn also helped in creating this amulet and Luang Por Phad was their disciple and had learned incantations from both of them.

There are 6 main colors of the amulets found from this Gru i.e. black, gray, green (two tone), red (brick color), dok phikun (bullet wood flower color), and creamy-white.

This Phra Gru Dong Tan Phim Song Seua is good at "Metta Maha Niyom" (brings loving-kindness from others to the worshiper).

Size of this amulet is approximately (l x w x h) 2.7 x 1.8 x 1.0 cm. This one is Neua Niyom (preferred color) to keep. The black color is the most rare and most preferred than another colors, fewest amount discovered from the Gru. Don't miss to keep!

Some Khrāp Gru, old-time stain causes by weather, pilling up with another amulets and humidity inside the Gru (underground hiding place) is visible on the amulet surface.

Picture of the news of amulets found from this Gru was published in the newspaper


For more information of LP Phad and Phra Gru Dongtan, please visit this page.

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